Writing Scientific Papers in English / Writing Scientific Papers in English

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, Odense
Teaching activity id: RP-WSP-U2.
Teaching language: English.ECTS / weighting: 5 ECTS / 0.083 full-time equivalent.
Period: Autumn 2018.Approved: 26-04-13.
Offered in: Odense.

Subject director:
Teacher is Bridget Hallam, bridget@mmmi.sdu.dk, The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute.

A mostly-written paper, enough results to write about!
This means that the course is not so suitable for new PhD students but better for those who already have done work worth submitting to a conference.

Content - Key areas:
At SDU, Odense, this course normally runs in weeks 18-24 and 35-40, approximately, depending upon other commitments and on demand.
First timetabled day (week 18 and 35):
Lecture on the characteristics of a good paper and how to write one, including how to find relevant papers to cite.
Students rework their paper based on the information given in lecture 1 and prepare 10-min presentations explaining the background to their work. Papers are submitted via a formal conference management system.

About a week later:
Presentation Day -- students give their presentations.
Lecture on publishing papers and on the reviewing process, including how to choose where to publish and how to respond to reviews.
Students are assigned two papers to review. They submit their reviews via the conferencing system.

About week 20 or 37:
Students edit their papers according to the reviews and send the revised paper to a) the conferencing system and b) a suitable reviewer that they have found.
About week 24 or 40:
Students edit their paper according to the professional review they receive.

Students hand in the professional review, their revised paper and a covering letter.
Of course, submitting early is fine!

NOTE: Bridget considers that the real educational value of this course lies in giving you full individual feedback on your papers, which takes time. So although the first students get their feedback quickly, the last ones may be considerably delayed.

Learning outcomes:
To improve the chance of your papers getting accepted; and to take people through the paper review process. Students also get experience using a standard conferencing system. Wider goal: to improve the quality of paper-writing in English.

Course overheads, web pages.

Time of classes:
Approximate dates: Spring, Week 18-24 (week 18 = end April) and Autumn, Week 35-40 (week 35 = end August)

For the Autumn 2018 the dates are: August 21 at 13:30-15:30 and August 31 at 9:45-12:30. The teaching takes place at the seminar room, Maersk-building, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M.

Very little of this course is timetabled. However, it does normally need at least two full weeks' work, after your paper is partly written (as required by the course prerequisites). The deadlines have been spread out to allow some space for your other commitments.

Form of instruction:
Verbal and email.
Course type: Lectures, presentations, email correspondance.

Individual examination, pass/fail, approval by the teacher.

Assessment for this course involves satisfactory (pass/fail) production of several elements (to time!)
a) a paper written by the student about his/her own work;
b) a presentation of this paper;
c) two reviews of fellow-students' papers;
d) an improved version of their own paper;
e) a final version edited according to a professional reviewers' comments;
f) a covering letter.

This course accepts a maximum of 18 students. The course may be cancelled due to lack of participants.

Normally this course should be passed during the 3rd/4th semester  of the PhD period. Read more about the faculty rules regarding PhD courses:

* PhD's enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering at SDU: Free
* Other PhD's: DKK 1.000,- pr. ECTS

Please contact the secretariat by email lmo@mmmi.sdu.dk to be enrolled to the course - remember to write your name, cpr., email and coursename.

Remember to get documentation for the passed course by by the above-mentioned secretary and send the documentation for the passed course to the TECH PhD administration.

Ph.d. Programme at The Faculty of Engineering
All semestres, mandatory/elective subject. Offered in: Odense